Root Canal Treatment

Painless and Affordable Root Canal Treatment Brisbane

The words “root canal” are enough to cause dread for patients of all ages. However, at Central Dental, we are quick to assure patients that although a root canal was once a painful procedure, modern dentistry ensures that the process is not only quick, but also painless and highly effective.

If you’re wondering, “when do I need a root canal?” book an appointment with Central Dental today.

When Do I Need a Root Canal?

Some of the signs or symptoms that you might  mean you need a root canal:

  • Severe pain that does not go away after taking pain medication.
  • Severe pain when biting together or while chewing.
  • A pimple on the gums next to a tooth.
  • Tooth discomfort that continues even after the hot or cold item has been removed from the mouth.
  • Deep tooth decay that may or may not be associated with pain or discomfort.
  • A swollen area of the face.

The dentists at Central Dental are experienced and use the latest dental technology to provide patients with the highest standard of care.


Tooth Decay

Severe tooth decay is one of the leading root canal causes. Once the decay reaches the pulp of the tooth or has damaged the nerve, a patient typically experiences severe pain due to deep infection. If the tooth nerve dies due to decay, it can cause unbearable pain.

Traumatic Injury

If you have experienced a serious injury that has caused your tooth to break, you may need an emergency root canal. Damage to the nerve and pulp chamber require immediate dental intervention so that the tooth can be saved.

What Happens During a Root Canal?


Once the dentist has identified potential root canal causes and examined the tooth, the tooth is numbed to ensure treatment is pain-free.

Isolating the Tooth

A rubber dam is placed around the tooth to isolate it from the rest of the mouth.  This is done to create a bacteria-free and dry treatment area whilst the root canal is being performed.

Removal of Tooth Pulp

Next, specialised tools are used to drill a small opening in the tooth to expose the pulp of the tooth. The dental pulp tissue is then removed and disinfected.

Filling the Root Canal

Once the canal has been disinfected the space is then filled with a material called gutta-percha.

Sometimes there may be a few weeks between removing the pulp and filling the canal to ensure the infection has cleared.  If this is the case during those few weeks, the tooth has a temporary filling in place.

Permanent Restoration

Once the dentist has confirmed that the root canal site is healing sufficiently and there is no concern about re-infection, a permanent filling or dental crown will be installed. Composite fillings and high-quality porcelain crowns are popular because they look natural and allow the patient to chew and speak normally.

Professional Root Canal Treatment, Brisbane

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