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Root Canal Treatment – Brisbane Southside

The mere words, ‘Root Canal Treatment’, are enough to strike fear into a patient of what’s to come. But this is often a misconception!

Since the advent of modern dental technologies and advances in treatment equipment, a root canal treatment is often a simple and usually painless procedure.

In fact, some patients have been known to fall asleep during treatment!

What is a root canal treatment and when will I need one?

Sometimes, the nerve in your tooth might die. This can be due to extensive decay, trauma, or a long history of deep fillings. This can cause an unbearable toothache that prevents you from enjoying your day to day life.

Initially you may require pain medication or even antibiotics to settle the infection and accompanying discomfort. Whilst this this minimises your short-term symptoms, the underlying issue of the infection will still be present, unless the source of the problem, ie. the inflamed and dying nerve, is removed.

The process of removing the nerve that allows us to save the tooth is called Root Canal Treatment. This process usually takes 2-3 appointments.

Why not just remove the tooth?

We often get asked why not just remove the tooth and to this we recommend patients talk to someone who has missing teeth. When you lose your adult teeth the solutions for replacing missing teeth, eg dentures, bridges and implants, are often costly, inconvenient and don’t function as well as your natural tooth.

That is why if the nerve of your tooth is dead or dying, but your actual tooth is not, we will recommend that you save the tooth so that you can still enjoy the functional aspects of using your own teeth to chew, talk etc for many years to come.

What happens in a root canal treatment?

To save your tooth in a root canal treatment, we spend the first appointment cleaning out the small space in the centre of the tooth occupied by the nerve; disinfecting this space and then sealing it with a temporary medication to relieve the tooth pain.

Once you are pain-free, the temporary filling and medication will be cleaned out and the tooth will be permanently sealed, usually with a crown. By sealing the tooth off permanently we prevent future colonisation of this space by bacteria. This treatment effectively saves your tooth, as the tooth does not require blood supply from the nerve to function successfully.

Are you researching root canal treatment?

Have you been told you need a root canal treatment and want to find out more?

It can be daunting to wrap your head around the treatment steps and why each of them are necessary, including who might be the best practitioner for you. Cost, high quality of work and finding a gentle dentist are all good factors to consider in your root canal research.

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