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Effective and Affordable Treatment for Bad Breath


Chronic bad breath is a condition that makes people self-conscious, however, it is one that affects millions of people worldwide. As the field of dentistry becomes more advanced, bad breath treatment has become effective and affordable for all.

If you are trying to battle halitosis with over-the-counter breath mints, sprays or mouthwash, you may not get the results you’re looking for. This is because halitosis is usually caused by other underlying dental problems that need to be treated by an experienced dentist. Book an appointment with Central Dental for proven halitosis treatment in Mt Gravatt.

What Causes Bad Breath?


Halitosis is caused by excessive bacterial growth in the mouth due to decaying food particles. The human mouth is an ideal environment for various bacteria to thrive, and while we rely on certain bacteria to maintain our dental health. Certain odour causing bacteria eat away at food particles, dead skin cells and post-nasal that settles on the back of the tongue.

As the bacteria break down these organic particles, they produce volatile sulphur compounds that smell unpleasant.

Although halitosis is usually caused by poor oral hygiene, it can also occur in people with bronchial infections, yeast infections, diabetes, kidney failure or certain medications.

Patients with dry mouth syndrome experience bad breath because bacterial growth increases in a dry environment.

How to Treat Bad Breath


Interested in learning how to treat bad breath? Book an appointment with Central Dental today for a thorough dental checkup.

Bad breath treatment is now easier than ever. Here are some ways to get rid of halitosis:

  • Improving your oral hygiene routine with a dentist’s guidance can help reduce bad bacteria.
  • Professional dentists use specialised tools and years of experience to clean plaque, tartar and calcified deposits where bacterial colonies thrive.
  • Severe tooth decay, cavities and damaged fillings cause halitosis and can be repaired by a dentist.
  • Advanced gum disease is not only a painful condition that loosens teeth, but it also causes bad breath. Gum disease therapy is an excellent way to deep clean gums and teeth, which reduces the symptoms of halitosis.

Bad Breath Treatment for All Ages in QLD

Looking for advanced halitosis treatment? At Central Dental, it is our mission to provide patients with effective and affordable dental treatment. Contact us today for treatment for halitosis, gum disease and dry mouth syndrome.


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