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At Central Dental, we only recommend a tooth extraction procedure when all other attempts to save a tooth fail. When a tooth has been severely damaged by tooth decay or trauma, the best course of treatment is to extract it safely to prevent further damage to gums and teeth.

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Do I Need a Tooth Extraction?

·        Tooth has extensive damage

If a tooth is badly decayed or damaged due to trauma.

·        Cracks in a tooth root

If a tooth root has cracked or split and repair is not possible.

·        Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease (gum disease) is when bacterial build up accumulates on the tooth and begins to infect the gums causing bleeding and inflammation, if left untreated it may affect the bone and ligaments around the teeth. This may cause the tooth to become loose in its socket and despite treatment, saving the tooth may not be possible.

·        Prevention of Complications

If a tooth is extensively damaged and does not get treated promptly it can cause complications such as infection or abscess. This may lead to the spread of infections through the blood stream and may affect the general health of the patient. A damaged tooth may also begin to affect adjacent teeth.

·        Teeth with no function

If a tooth has no opposing partner to grind against during chewing it may be better to remove it, as it may cause issues for the soft tissue and gums nearby.

·        Improve appearance

A tooth may be removed as part of orthodontic treatment or a treatment plan to improve the appearance and function of the whole mouth.

At Central Dental, we consider it our duty to find alternatives to tooth extraction whenever possible. Contact us today to discuss your situation and let our team help you identify the most effective and affordable dental treatment for you.

Tooth Extraction Procedure at Central Dental


When performed by a compassionate and experienced dentist, a tooth extraction is generally a quick, simple process. Once the dentist has examined your mouth thoroughly, a local anaesthetic is administered to numb the mouth. The dentist will ensure that the tooth is numb before the procedure which during you might feel pressure.

Not all teeth extraction cases are the same, so it is important to visit a dentist who knows how to address your specific case. Sometimes a tooth breaks below the gum line or has split into several pieces and needs to be removed with care. In such cases, a small incision is made so that all the pieces of the tooth can be safely removed.

Next, the empty socket is cleaned, stitched and allowed to heal. The site will be packed with gauze to help the clotting process and a detailed aftercare plan will be provided to ensure recovery.

It is normal to experience some pain once the anaesthetic wears off. This can be resolved with mild painkillers. Your dentist will recommend that you only eat soft foods and use an ice pack on the outside of the mouth to reduce swelling. Recovery usually takes about 2 weeks.

Painless Tooth Extraction Specialists in QLD

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