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Mt Gravatt Dental Clinic.

At Central Dental we believe that quality general dentistry should be accessible to all. This is why we strive to give our patients No Gap check up and cleans on most health funds, and low or no gap dental on as many dental treatments as we can.

We invite you to request a quote for your particular treatment.

General Dentist

Also known as a scale and clean or an active maintenance visit.

Having your tooth removed doesn’t have to be horrible or painful with our gentle approach.

Don’t grind your teeth away at night time – protect them with a dental nightguard.

Also known as Laughing Gas this is an option for patients who are nervous or want extra pain relief.

Gone are the days of having only one choice of filling material.

These words are enough to strike fear into a patient but this is a misconception.

Effective and clinically proven bad breath and dry mouth treatment.

Your gums are the support for your teeth so important to keep healthy.

Are your wisdom teeth causing you grief? We can help.

Sore jaw, headaches and grinding are all signs that you might have some jaw problems.

Fissure sealants are a great way to prevent decay in deep tooth grooves.

Protect your smiles during sporting activities with custom-fitted dental mouthguards.

If you snore or constantly wake up tired we can help diagnose and recommend treatment options.

Emergency Dentist

Have you had a dental accident? Knocked, bumped, chipped or broken your tooth? Or just woken up with a really bad toothache? We can help with your emergency dental needs and are open 6 days a week. Call us for your emergency appointment.

Children’s Dentist

Children and teenagers love coming to Central Dental. We have a great Kid’s Corner for the littlies to play in and our dentist’s gentle approach will ensure your kids feel at ease regardless of what dental treatment they need.

Cosmetic Dentist

Dental implants can be confusing. All on 4, bridges, dentures, one or many implants?

If you teeth are stained or discoloured dental tooth whitening can revive and brighten your smile.

A crown is commonly used in the restorative dentistry as well as in cosmetic dentistry.

A great option for people who want straighter teeth but don’t like traditional braces.

Dentures that fit nicely in your mouth can make all the difference. Full and partial options available.

A thin shell of porcelain placed over your natural teeth to improve their appearance.


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