Central Dental prides itself of providing affordable and high-quality dental care to Mt Gravatt locals and Brisbane Southside residents.

Affordability doesn’t mean that our patients compromise when it comes to enjoying the latest in dental technologies. We offer on-site in our dental practice:

  • Digital X-Ray

    Less radiation than traditional X-Rays so these are great for patients of all ages. Not to mention faster results so this technology is a win-win for everyone.

  • OPG machine

    OPG X-Rays are useful for seeing the whole jaw structure. By having one in the practice at Central Dental you no longer have to be referred out to an X-Ray centre, to then return with the results – we can do it all at your appointment now and see the results straight away.

  • Cone Beam machine (3D X-Rays)

    The 3D X-Rays give dentists a greater depth of visibility and detail to understand problems going on under the surface. The 3D X-Ray in particular is advantageous, compared to traditional X-rays, when certain structures overlap on a 2D X-Ray.

  • Intra-oral cameras

    Not only do intra-oral cameras allow our dentists to get an up-close view on problem areas within your mouth, they also are great for tracking and monitoring potential problems, and patients love being able to see first-hand what is happening inside their mouths.

Why see a dentist that has the latest dental technologies?

Modern dental technologies have evolved greatly since many of us first visited the dentist. But what do these technologies offer the patient of today and the dentist that they are visiting.

The benefits of seeing a dentist that uses modern dental technologies include:

  • Better diagnosis

    These technologies give the dentists a greater amount of information about what is happening beyond what can be seen. By helping them to understand exactly what they are dealing with our dentists can offer highly accurate treatment recommendations.

  • More accurate treatment

    Greater insight into what is happening inside your mouth means we can recommend a greater variety of treatments and once you have selected your preferred option then we can plan and tailor these treatment’s better to your exact situation.

  • You are in control

    By seeing for yourself what is happening in your own mouth, many patients are initially surprised, but by gaining a fuller understanding of the problems often leads to patients feeling more in control throughout the treatment and we get greater buy-in from patients to do their part at home.

  • Time saving

    Having our technologies within the practice saves patients from running around to multiple appointments.

If your situation is more complex, we may recommend that you see a specialist, for example in the case of wisdom teeth close to the nerve. Dental technologies allow us to clearly make this assessment and also pass these X-rays and information onto the specialist.

Is it time for your next dental visit?

If you would like to take advantage of our modern dental technologies for your oral health care in the future then call us to make your next appointment. Got questions about your situation? Call us on 3343 2100, ask us for a quote, book your appointment online or contact us today. We look forward to meeting you.


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