High-Quality, Affordable Custom Mouthguards Brisbane

What makes a perfect dental mouth guard? Although an over the counter, one-size-fits-all dental mouthguard promises quality protection for your teeth, the reality is that a generic or even a mouldable mouthguard cannot provide comfort and protection quite like a custom fitted mouthguard can.

A custom dental mouthguard is designed to fit the exact shape of your jaw and protects not only teeth, but your gums, lips and tongue as well. Book an appointment with Central Dental today to get fitted for a custom mouthguard.

Benefits of a Custom Dental Mouth Guard


Is it worth investing in a custom fitted mouthguard for children and adults? Here are just some of the benefits of a high-quality mouthpiece.

Accurate Fit

Central Dental custom mouthguards are made specially to fit the exact shape, size and structure of your mouth. They feel comfortable, stay in securely and makes it easy to talk and breath.

Better Protection

A custom mouthguard mimics the natural shape of your teeth and fits like a glove. With such a perfect fit, there is no gap between your teeth and the mouthguard, which is the key to reducing the force of an impact on the jaw.

 Boost Your Performance

When you are playing a strenuous sport that demands all your focus, the last thing you want is to keep thinking about an over-the-counter mouth guard that keeps shifting or falling out.  A custom mouthguard fits perfectly so you can focus on performing at your best.

Choose Your Look

Not only is a custom mouthguard made just for your jaw, but you can also choose from a wide range of colours and designs to suit your personality.

Custom Fitted Mouth Guard in Mt Gravatt

Would you like more information on custom mouthguards for adults and kids? Contact the experts at Central Dental today. Our dentists will create an impression of your teeth and create a laboratory generated mouthguard specially for you.


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